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National Wellness Month Tips for Home Safety

Gas leaks

Responding to Gas Leaks

August is National Wellness Month, so it's time to incorporate self-care and healthy routines into the schedule. While most people will think this means a better diet and exercise and trying to get eight hours of sleep every night, wellness is an all-encompassing concept.

Health and wellness starts at home, so the home must be a haven from the world's dangers. In truth, some of the things that make the home so relaxing and safe are the very things that can present threats.

Gas lines are a great example of something in the home that is necessary but also inherently dangerous. This year for National Wellness Month, owners should take some time to check on the state of their gas plumbing. This article is a quick guide to getting everyone started.

Signs of a Gas Leak

Man smells a gas leak

It almost goes without saying how dangerous a gas leak is. Natural gas is a flammable and explosive substance used to provide heat for cooktops, furnaces, and water heaters. As piping ages, it can allow gas to leak out, posing a threat to people in the home. Some of the signs that gas leaks are happening on a property are:

  • High gas bills
  • Physical symptoms including headaches and vomiting
  • Sulfur smells
  • Irritable pets

At the first sign of gas leaks, professionals should be notified. Failing to safely handle gas leaks can result in fires, explosions, and asphyxiation.

Reacting to Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can get serious in a hurry. That's why there is no time to waste after the signs of gas leaks are spotted. Instead of trying to make repairs, the best reaction is to simply leave and get a professional to deal with it. Firefighters can be called to shut off the gas and ventilate the premises, while a plumber should be called to fix the leaky joints or piping.

When evacuating from a gas leak, never stop to turn appliances off or on since doing so can cause a spark that could ignite gas fumes. Every effort should be made to put out candles or turn off flame-producing equipment on the way out the door. Never re-enter the premises until it has been determined professionals have dealt with the leak.

Professional Solutions for Gas Leaks

Gas leak inspection

Gas leaks can cause a sense of unease that robs owners of their peace of mind. The best way to stop stressing about gas leaks is to install special natural gas detectors. These devices are different from smoke and carbon monoxide detectors since they sniff out gas leaks instead. They are often integrated into home security systems for up-to-the-minute protection.

The second best thing owners can do to protect against gas leaks is to schedule a plumbing maintenance visit from a licensed plumber, specifically one specializing in gas leak detection. These experts have special devices that detect trace amounts of natural gas to quickly determine the source of a leak. Once the leak is discovered, they can repair and restore gas service to the home or business.

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