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New Year, New Plumbing Upgrades

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Updating Home Plumbing Fixtures To Add Value During a Crazy Housing Market

The housing market is on fire all over the country. Many homeowners are eager to make shower upgrades, sink installations, kitchen updates, and bathroom installations to improve daily quality of life and increase the home's value.

Modern Kitchen Updates

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Touch faucets are the latest trend in kitchen improvements because they offer on-demand water with no mess, and the touch requirement compared to touch-free means less water wasted due to movement-triggered actions. Faucet installation is best done by a professional.

Workstation sinks offer sliding pieces like cutting boards, bins, drying racks, shelves, or colanders to complete all kitchen prep at one station, which minimizes the surface area needed to cook or meal prep. This style is a minimalist's dream!

Apron-front textured sinks bring backcountry flair from farmhouse styles of old but with new textures, colors, and materials. New sinks are stain and smudge-proof in a rainbow of colors that allow kitchens to be completely customized to suit a homeowner's tastes. 

Trendy Bathroom Remodels

bathroom remodeling

Making a splash in a bathroom redesign displays personal flair and speaks a lot about the owner. One can design a bathroom with:

  • Tons of natural light
  • White tile
  • Dark fixtures
  • Artwork
  • Mold-resistant area rugs
  • Eco-friendly bohemian touches
  • Plants
  • Professional organization to reduce clutter
  • Pops of color in accent walls
  • Glass-enclosed showers
  • Playful touches

Bathrooms are retreats and a personal oasis that offer rest and reprieve after a long day. Some bathroom designs speak to foreign cultures with custom mosaics or unconventional archways. Patterned wallpaper has made a comeback in style and uniquely patterned tile designs provide sophisticated neutral backgrounds. 

Toilet replacement to an eco-friendly option in a flashy color that uses less water or has a higher grade flush is a quality improvement. Shower installation or bathtub installation is a major lifestyle change if the bathroom doesn't currently possess them. Soaking tubs are a modern way to relax and seek comfort in a calm, quiet environment.

Hiring a Professional

Choosing to hire a professional to complete kitchen or bathroom redesigns serves more than one purpose.

First, professionals can source the best materials at the best price. Second, licensed professionals can pull the necessary permits to complete the job without the homeowner needing to stress or involve themselves in the process. Third, professionals can design a space that works for the family's needs and budget while determining what material would work best in the space allocated for the kitchen or bathroom.

If services are required from other service professionals like contractors or builders, a professional plumber can consult on and oversee the project as a trusted advisor.

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