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How to Make Your Bathroom a Spooky Oasis

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Fun Halloween-Inspired Bathroom Decorations

It’s the night of someone’s Halloween party. Guests bob for apples in the living room, taste twisted concoctions in the kitchen, and jive at the Monster Mash in the backyard. A guest seeking relief goes into the bathroom, opens the toilet seat lid, and wham! They’re face-to-face with a bucket of blood in an otherwise porcelain bowl.

This is just one of the ways a homeowner can turn their everyday bathroom into a horrible, sick nightmare. Guests will never see it coming.

Accessorize the Toilet

dress up the toilet

The possibilities here are endless. First, decorators can take advantage of the toilet’s harmless-looking exterior by: 

  • Putting decals on the side. Some Halloween decals look like cracks. Guests will have to assess whether it’ll actually break from underneath them. It’ll be a leap of faith every time someone closes the bathroom door. 
  • Placing googly eyes on it. Roving eyes behind old portraits aren’t the only thing watching guests; the toilet also sees guests’ every move. Decorators can place the googly eyes either inside the toilet bowl or on the john’s exterior. 

Hosts can also decorate the inside of the toilet bowl. They should stick to food coloring for blood and other water-solvent substances. Otherwise, one single flush can be disastrous.

Make Your Shower Spooky

spooky shower ideas

The shower is the home’s most vulnerable place, and what better way to exploit that than decorating it for Halloween? The most obvious decorating tip is to get a Halloween-themed curtain. There are dozens online, ranging from grinning, toothy pumpkins to dark figures hiding behind the sheer curtain.

Other options include:

  • Hiding a Bluetooth speaker in the shower. Don’t have the shower running when doing this. There’s a wealth of Halloween sounds on YouTube. Many people think the Mike Myers theme song is a real scream. 
  • Filling up the tub. Many showers also feature bathtubs. Decorators should first run the water and fill the tub to the brim. Then, using food coloring, they can dye the water blood red. They can add an extra element of fear by adding plastic body parts and eyeballs. 
  • Adding a fog machine. Homeowners can create a mist by putting a small fog machine behind the shower curtain. That way, when guests come to use the bathroom, they’ll feel as though they’re walking into a sinister cloud. 

Contact the Other Side Through Your Mirror

A bathroom mirror is a great tool for scaring the pants off any guests. Decorators can write threatening messages in lipstick on the reflective surface or hide secret messages that only show when the lights go off. They can even place a small mirror in front of a large one to create an endless chain of mirrors.

Other tips include:

  • Getting battery-operated candles that flicker
  • Posting spooky stickers and decals on the mirror 
  • Stringing lights around the bathroom sink 
  • Posting mirror-centered challenges (like summoning Bloody Mary) 
  • Spilling “blood” along the edges of showers and sinks 
  • Attaching cobwebs and plastic spiders to bathroom fixtures 

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