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Watch Out for Dangerous Summer Gas Leaks


Beware of Dangerous Gas Leaks

Safety should be a key priority when families plan to welcome guests into their homes. Gas leaks can be hazardous and even deadly, depending on the conditions. As such, homeowners should have a thorough understanding of what gas leaks are, why they are dangerous, ways they can detect them, and how to deal with a gas leak if one occurs. Continue reading for all of this information and more!

Gas Leaks are Very Dangerous

Let’s begin with an overview of gas leaks and why they are dangerous. Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous and potentially lethal due to the explosive nature of the gas. This means that when gas comes in contact with fire, it can cause an explosion - so if there is a gas leak and the leak comes in contact with a flame or a spark, this can be incredibly dangerous.

Several health issues can result, even if an explosion does not occur. In particular, carbon monoxide (the byproduct of natural gas) can be very problematic. It can cause asphyxia or oxygen deprivation if inhaled for an extended time. Thus, gas leaks are serious matters that all homeowners should be on the lookout for.

How To Detect Gas Leaks

man smells gas leak

Concerning how to detect gas leaks, homeowners should understand best practices to act immediately as soon as they detect one. Odd smells and sounds are some of the most obvious signs of a gas leak. Rotten egg smells and whistling sounds are common signs. Additionally, homeowners can install detectors like carbon monoxide alarms to alert them of any leaks.

Going further, homeowners should look out for open stovetops that may be leaking gas even when the flame is off. This is a common mistake that people often make when they attempt to turn their stovetops on and off. Lastly, homeowners can place a soap and water mixture atop a suspect area if there are any doubts, as any bubbling will indicate a potential gas leak.

Actions To Take if There Is a Gas Leak

gas leak prevention

In the event of a gas leak, homeowners should follow these steps in the exact order as listed:

  • Step 1: Evacuate all guests from the home/area immediately (do NOT call for help yet, as this could initiate an explosion)
  • Step 2: Call 911 for emergency help
  • Step 3: Seek professional plumbers who can perform a certified inspection

Professional plumbers will be able to assess the area where there is a gas leak and act accordingly. Specifically, they will help homeowners come up with a safe resolution and recommend measures to prevent future gas leaks.

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