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How To Clear Stubbornly Blocked Drains


3 Solutions for Blocked Drains

Home maintenance problems always seem to happen at the most inconvenient of times. The local weather channel will have the hottest days of summer in the forecast, and that's when the AC unit will give out. Or people will be ready to host a long-awaited family gathering, and that's when the drains will become clogged, and water will start backing up into the sinks. Blocked drains are a huge hassle and can cause the dirt and grime in water to set onto the surface.

There are many causes of clogged drains, including the buildup of hair, dirt, or dried grease. In this article, homeowners can learn about three potential solutions to get rid of the toughest blocked drains.

Option 1: Snaking


When the drain starts to slow from a clog, many homeowners will turn straight to liquid drain cleaners. But they should know that this is not the best solution. Liquid drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to inhale or touch, and they can also damage the plumbing system by eating away at the pipes in addition to the clog. Therefore, snaking is a much better option.

Drain snakes are flexible devices that can be inserted into the pipes and remove clogs. Here's how they work:

  1. Insert the snake into the pipe
  2. Rotate the device to grab hold of the clog
  3. Pull out the snake with the clog

Seems easy enough, right? Unfortunately, some problems can occur if the drain snake is not used properly. It could end up pushing the clog further down the pipe, making it harder to reach and take out. To avoid this, it's best to hire a professional plumber to snake the drains.

Option 2: Hydro-Jetting


Another common method for removing stubborn clogs in the drains is hydro-jetting. This is a pretty simple method as well. All it takes is a blast of high-pressure water through the pipes to clear out the clogs and break down any other smaller buildup that may be forming.

Sewer line clogs are commonly resolved with hydro-jetting, but hydro-jetting can be used to clear any clog, including those in sinks, showers, toilets, or other plumbing mechanisms. It is a very safe and eco-friendly option, but should only be handled by professionals. High-pressure water is strong enough to cut through metal and can open up holes in the plumbing pipes if not used properly. Therefore, only trained professionals should use this method to ensure the pipes stay intact.

Option 3: Baking Soda & Vinegar

baking soda and vinegar

Many people love to combine baking soda and vinegar as a cleaning solution for all sorts of tasks around the house, including cleaning out clogged drains. Mixing these two ingredients creates a chemical reaction that can break down and remove drain clogs.

However, homeowners need to know that this is only a temporary solution and won't be effective for tougher clogs. It may help to provide some initial relief but won't last as a long-term solution. 

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