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Thanksgiving Doesn't Have To Be Ruined By a Broken Garbage Disposal


Save the Holidays With a Working Garbage Disposal

Many people have waited for the end of 2020, so it’s hard to believe the year is almost over! Holidays are just around the corner, and now is the time to get ready for the holiday season. But “getting ready” doesn’t mean just cleaning the house or digging up the old family-favorite recipes. It also includes making sure that all kitchen appliances, including the garbage disposal, are ready to handle the additional cooking and cleaning that happens over the holidays.

What Do Garbage Disposals Do?

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Garbage disposals are an important component of the kitchen plumbing system. They’re placed directly under the kitchen sink and are responsible for collecting any food waste that falls down the drain. They hold that waste temporarily in a chamber and then grind up that waste so that it can move through the rest of the pipes without creating a clog.

While the holidays will look different this year for many homes, there will still be a lot of cooking going on whether there are two guests or twenty guests coming over to share a meal. Homeowners need to be certain that their garbage disposal is ready to handle breaking down extra food over the holiday season. If the unit malfunctions, it can result in a clog and cause water to start backing up into the sink. That’s not an experience guests want to remember!

Does the Garbage Disposal Need Replacement?

To know if the garbage disposal is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced, homeowners should pay attention to the following signs.

  • Bad smells: Garbage disposals can smell, but the smell should go away after the food waste is ground up. If the smell doesn’t go away, there may be food particles stuck in the device's crevices. The device needs to be thoroughly cleaned to solve this issue.
  • Strange noises: Loud screeching noises are never good, especially when it comes to garbage disposal. The motor may be wearing out and likely needs to be replaced.
  • Clogging: The main role of the garbage disposal is to prevent clogs. If clogs begin to occur more often, or the blades inside the unit are jamming more frequently, there is likely a repair issue on the horizon. 

How Can Homeowners Prevent Garbage Disposal Problems?

Garbage disposals are pretty durable, but homeowners should still be cautious about what they put down the drain. They might be very capable, but they do have their limits.

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  • Homeowners should never pour grease directly down the drain. This is one of the biggest causes of sink clogs.
  • Homeowners should not pour drain cleaners down the drain either. The harsh chemicals in these products could damage the device.
  • Homeowners should try to eliminate bad smells naturally by using citrusy foods. They can try grinding up an orange or lemon peel as a solution to this common problem.

The best way to keep the garbage disposal functional over the holiday season is to care for it properly. Homeowners should always be careful with what goes down the drain, and run the disposal with water so that everything flows out smoothly.

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