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Do You Know What to Do When The House Toilet Won't Flush?

toilet drain won't flush

3 Ways to Resolve that Darn Toilet That Just Won’t Flush

Going to the bathroom at a party rarely ends well. It either takes too long to the point that the other partygoers have to start forming a line outside of the bathroom. Or a person’s worst nightmare happens: they do their business and go to flush the toilet, but the toilet won’t flush! This is when full-fledged panic will start to set in.

But embarrassment isn’t the only danger of a toilet that won’t flush. If a clog is what’s preventing the toilet from flushing, the water and waste could start to overflow or even enter into the other drains in the bathroom such as the tub or shower drain. In order to prevent embarrassment and other health hazards, use these three tips for clearing toilets that won’t flush.

The Impact of Hydro Jetting

pressured water

Hydro jetting is a tried and true method, used by professional plumbers, for clearing out clogged toilets. Well, it clears out any type of plumbing-related clog for that matter. The best part is that the concept of how it works is really simple.

A blast of high-pressure water is sprayed into the pipes to clear out the clogs. High water pressure. That’s it! Many people are surprised at how powerful water can be sometimes.

But tell that to the people who have stood at the bottom of Niagara Falls where the water drops so fast that it basically creates its own hurricane of wind and rain! Using hydrojetting to clean the home’s pipes on a regular basis, along with cleaning the drains, helps prevent the initial buildup of a clog before it completely blocks the pipe.

Keep the Water Level High

water level in a toilet flush

Watching the toilet flush, it seems like there’s pressure in the hole that pulls the water down. But it’s actually the pressure from the water in the toilet tank that pushes the water down into the hole. If the water level in the tank is too low, there won’t be enough pressure to flush the toilet.

This is one of the most common causes of toilets that won’t flush. When a toilet stops flushing, homeowners should always check that the water level in the tank is high enough. So what causes this low water level?

It’s typically a sign that there’s something wrong with the refill tube since this is the component that controls the flow of water from the supply line to refill the toilet tank between flushes. It’s best to have this examined by a professional plumber to determine if the refill tube can be fixed or if it needs to be replaced.

Test the Flush Handle

flush handle

Clogs in the pipes and low water levels are two of the biggest causes of a toilet that won’t flush. A third common cause is a malfunctioning flush handle. When the flush handle is pushed down, it raises the trip lever.

This lever then lifts the flush ball, which allows water from the tank to flow into the toilet bowl. When the handle is broken, it stops the whole chain reaction. In the end, the toilet won’t flush because the water in the tank isn’t released to flow down into the bowl.

Sometimes the handle just needs a bit of tightening or adjusting to get things working again. Other times, it may need to be replaced. Consulting a professional plumber can help determine the most effective course of action in the case.

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