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Looking For a Plumbers' Job Description? Here's What They Do!


When You Know What Plumbers Do, All Your Plumbing Problems End There

Many people go about their lives, unaware of the plumbers who keep water systems running. You will never appreciate the essential role plumbers play until you get a leak. However, without them, it would be nearly impossible to harness water for use in your home. Besides that, these professionals are responsible for the hi-tech innovations that manifest through water heaters, modern faucets, showerheads, and cisterns.

Plumbers help restore normalcy in the event of faults in the water supply system. They beautify your home and add comfort to your life. This article will be covering some of the other ways plumbers play a role in your daily routine.

Disposal and Maintenance of Liquid Waste Systems


Plumbers undertake waste disposal maintenance, which involves ensuring that all pipes that transport wastewater are in perfect working condition. Whenever you use the bathroom, flush your toilet, wash your hands at the sink, or brush your teeth, you dispose of the water via a drainage pipe.

As it leaves your property, the water goes to a municipal wastewater system, also called the sewer system. The sewer system consists of a network of pipes from houses and commercial buildings. The pipes flow to another large duct referred to as a sewer main. At certain intervals, the main has a vertical pipe, or manhole, that runs up to the surface.

If there’s ever an issue with this system you would lose access to many of your plumbing fixtures and even run the risk of backflow, which is when the flow of water reverses, pumping wastewater into your home. Whether you realize it or not, plumbers are the ones who keep these systems in proper working order - hence the manholes throughout your city.

Proper Appliance Maintenance

Your toilet cistern, shower, dishwasher, kitchen sink, and washing machine are all appliances that run on water. Since you use all of them daily, you can imagine how your life would be without them. What if you woke up one day and there was no one to repair a broken toilet? Imagine the situation in your kitchen when the sink clogs.

appliance maintenance

You need people who know how to fix plumbing issues associated with these appliances. This is especially true for water heaters, one key appliance you literally use on a daily basis. Without plumbers, your life would be miserable; it would grind to a halt. Besides, you would be at a high risk of contracting diseases.

Pipe System Installation and Maintenance

Pipe system

As you turn on the faucet, does it occur to you that the running water has a source? Most of the water you use in your house comes from a central supply. City authorities pump it from a river, lake, reservoir, and deep wells.

From the source, water mains (underground pipes) transport the liquid until it reaches your home. Within your house is a pipe system that distributes the water to the kitchen sink, bathroom, toilet, garden, and laundry area. Pipe systems have changed the world massively.

In ancient times, people would dig shallow wells by hand. In other places where they had tools to drill deeper wells, they would draw water using pulleys operated by hand or driven by animals. So while you may take your plumbing for granted, it’s essential for your comfort, safety, and health.

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