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Are The Spooky Noises in Your House Coming From The Pipes

Man hearing spooky noises

Was it a Halloween Ghost or Just Your Home's Pipes?

Strange and spooky noises are unnerving at the best of times but can get the better of you when the time is right. When banging, whistling, and bubbling sounds creep through the night, it can be hard to rationalize those spooky thoughts away.

With Halloween right around the corner, many homeowners chaulk up the noises to some type of specter, but in reality, the explanation can be much simpler. This article will discuss how your plumbing could be the cause of those late-night scare sessions.

Spooky Pipes Are Rarely Spooky

During the month of October, commonplace occurrences can take on a different persona. Halloween is the time for ghosts and goblins to appear and make strange noises throughout the house at night. Noises such as banging, gurgling, humming, and bubbling can be enough to scare a homeowner out of their wits.

In all actuality, those noises are most likely coming from the home's plumbing system. There can be several reasons for the strange and disturbing noises, but ghosts and goblins are not among the most likely.

Water Pressure Can Cause Humming

If an unnerving humming noise has been coming from your pipes, it is most likely due to high water pressure. When the water pressure is too high, it will cause a vibration in the pipes from the pressure per square inch (psi). The vibration then sets off a humming noise, similar to hitting a tuning bell.

In some cases, replacing a damaged washer can fix the issue. To do this, simply unscrew the handle and the nut inside. Replace the damaged washer; making sure you are using the correct size. If this does not fix the issue, you may need to actually check the psi.

Experts recommend the psi to be anywhere between 50 and 65. You can pick up a water psi indicator inexpensively. If you find your psi is not correct, or it is correct yet the humming continues, a professional plumber is recommended to diagnose the situation.

Whistling In The Night

Waking to the sounds of whistling in the home, particularly near Halloween, can be downright spooky. In reality, the reason behind the whistling noise is less spooky and more annoying than anything else. Most likely, the whistling noise is coming from an unchecked toilet.

A whistling toilet is generally caused by a faulty fill valve. The fill valve is the mechanism in the back of the toilet that regulates how much water is released when the toilet flushes.


For example, when a toilet flushes, the water from the tank is released. As the tank refills with water, the fill valve is open until the attached floating device reaches the top; the valve then closes.

If you are hearing a whistling noise from your toilet, the probability of the fill valve being at fault is great. As the valve ages, it can begin to vibrate when in use. This will cause the loud whistling or sometimes screeching sounds that can occur.

Air Bubbles Are Behind The Banging Sounds

air bubbles

Unexpected banging noises coming from your pipes can be startling at any time. Nevertheless, water pressure is most likely to blame. When the water pressure is low, air bubbles can form in the pipes causing banging sounds. Bubbles can also cause sputtering when the faucet is turned on.

Another cause of banging sounds could be water hammers. In this case, the banging sounds occur when the water is shut off. Generally speaking, when water is traveling through the pipes, and the water is turned off, the water continues at a high velocity toward the faucet.

When the water comes to a halt, a banging noise occurs. In the case of both problems, a professional plumber should be contacted for assistance. While a potentially easy fix may work, it could be a bigger problem that could result in costly repairs.

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