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Understanding The Cost of Your Hydrojetting Needs


Understanding The Cost of Your Hydrojetting Needs

Even the most careful people can end up with a slow drain, overflowing toilet, or very little water pressure. You may fall into the group of people that won’t flush anything but toilet paper, avoid putting grease into the drain at all costs, and are meticulous when it comes to drain cleaning.

Unfortunately, even in the absolute best case scenario, professional drain cleaning is still a must. With all the precautions, it is still possible for hard water to leave buildup on pipe walls and for there to be other debris deposited. When this happens, the best option is to seek a professional’s opinion, and we hope you will seek ours first!

How Does Hydrojetting Work?

What-hydrojettingWhen you need your drains cleaned or a clog removed, you may automatically think of a drain snake or chemical drain cleaners. Drain snakes work well to remove a clog that is close to the surface of the drain, however, they do not remove any buildup from the walls of your pipes.

Store-bought drain cleaners are another option that people turn to without realizing the dangers that come with it. These chemicals dissolve clogs by using a thermal reaction. That same thermal reaction can easily dissolve your pipes and plumbing.

Also, chemical drain cleaners can cause burns to the skin, eyes, and lungs if any mistakes are made. Because neither of these options can address the buildup on the walls of your pipes, it makes it far easier for new clogs to form in less time.

This leaves us with the process of hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is a relatively simple job that forces water through a small opening (nozzle) at high pressures and high temperatures. Although this may sound overly simple, the amount of pressure used can break down clogs, remove all types of buildup and contaminants, and even breakdown tree roots. Being that hydro jetting uses only high pressured water, it is completely safe for the environment, your pipes, and your family!

Hydrojetting Sounds More Expensive Than it Is

Costs-hydrojettingWhen your plumber tells you that your drains are in need of a thorough cleaning and that you should consider hydrojetting, don’t immediately develop anxiety over the costs.

Although it is difficult to give an estimate without ever seeing your plumbing, we can tell you that the cost of this service varies based on the severity of the clog and the type of drain that needs to be cleaned. Also, there are plenty of times that this service can range in price from $150-300.

You should also keep in mind that having your drains hydro jetted every few years will significantly cut costs. This is because clogs have less time to form and grow while you have the added benefit of great water pressure.

Why Call C&D Plumbing Inc.

Call-hydrojettingThere are multiple reasons why you should call C&D Plumbing Inc. -- we’re fair, service-oriented, and are plumbing experts. However, the biggest reason to call us is that we’re honest!

Of course, we believe that hydro jetting is the best option for serious drain cleaning but that doesn’t mean we will sell you on it if you don’t need it. Once we see your home’s plumbing, we may notice that there is another issue causing the slow drains, or maybe that it is as simple as using a drain snake.

If we do believe hydro jetting is your best bet, we can further explain why and give you detailed estimates for the job. Trust C&D Plumbing Inc. to remove the clogs and keep your drains flowing--give us a call today!