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Avoid Future Trouble and Get a Plumbing Permit


Avoid Future Trouble and Get a Plumbing Permit

Undertaking a major kitchen or bathroom remodeling project? While these types of home renovations can go a long way toward increasing your home's worth and making it more pleasant to live in, particular rules and regulations must be followed. Prior to starting, you must be sure to acquire the right permits for your project.

This document will ensure everything is above board and can even protect you from any potential financial consequences. Neglecting to acquire a permit can be more problematic than going through the process of obtaining one. Don't believe us? Here's how you can avoid all sorts of trouble by getting a plumbing permit.

Purpose Behind Permits

Safety-standardsBefore we begin, let's quickly go over the real purpose behind permits. Even though they may be a bit of a pain to acquire, and sometimes you will be charged a fee, there's a good reason we have them.

Permits are designed to uphold the safety of a home's structure and residents, as well as the neighboring property, and they ensure all building projects adhere to strict building codes.

If you have any questions about getting permits in your area, contact Fort Lauderdale, FL municipal offices.

Permits Can Protect You from Costly Trouble

Penalty-fineObtaining a permit can actually shield you from different times of financial harm. For example, if you end up needing to sell your home in the future, the valuation of your property may partly depend on whether or not any renovations you conducted were authorized.

If you did any plumbing remodels without a permit, it could impact the appraisal of your home. Also, consider the fact any potential buyers could feel wary of making an offer based on the fact that changes or additions were made to the plumbing without authorization.

In addition, if you're in the midst of a renovation and are discovered by a municipal inspector to be performing construction without a permit, you could be given a big fine. But if you're in possession of a permit, you won't suffer any consequences. As a result, you will be able to continue your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project without any penalties or setbacks. Permits are an effective way of protecting your investment.

Licensed Professionals Always Pull Permits

NoprofessionalBefore beginning any kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, a licensed professional will always be sure to acquire any necessary permits.

These are the experts, and they understand what can go wrong if permits aren't at the ready. In fact, many of them include permit pulling in their services.

Always be sure that one party is responsible for obtaining the permissions. It's also worth noting that if a homeowner refuses to get any permits, a professional may turn down the job.